10 Magic Words that Influence Buyers

Monday 14th September 2015, 09:49am

Emotions are a powerful force.

Long before they can speak or read, infants can recognise emotions in other babies at just five months old. Recognition of familiar adults’ and adult strangers’ emotions kicks in at six and seven months.
It’s clear that our feelings are right there from the start. Prospects obviously aren’t infants, but the best way to move them toward a purchase decision is still to appeal to their emotions.

Make no mistake - logic matters in buying decisions, and you’ll have to prove ROI and demonstrate how your product fits into a prospect’s business plan. But there are a few conversational tricks you can use to appeal to your prospect’s emotions over their intellect.

For example, use short, basic language instead of complicated phrases. “There’s more” is more effective than “additionally,” while “better” trumps “superior.”

And as salespeople know, choosing your words carefully is essential to closing deals. So what are the 10 most emotionally effective words a salesperson can use? Here they are in no particular order.


When 2 groups of people received 2 different donation-seeking letters - one with stats, one with an emotional story...The emotional letter received an average donation over 2X higher than the statistics-laden letter!

Terms that influence online shoppers to buy...

"Free Shipping"   77%   "Free Returns" 56%  "In Store Return Option" 43%

Free is far more powerful than any other discount.  Did I mention our free service at Switcher and Sortme?

(These notes from HubSpot Blogs)